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Welcome to Guardians of Light.

Guild News

GoL is merging with CoR

Kemra, Oct 8, 12 9:29 PM.
Guardians of Light is now merging with the Council of Reconciliation! Why? Duriello simply thought it would be fairer to our members, we are very few in number as far as regular players go and it can be very discouraging to log on to an empty guild, or a guild where the most active members are busy running other things.

CoR have been our closest allies and friends and are a much larger active guild with players of differing skill levels and interests.

GoL will still be around though, with Duriello and I deciding to keep our mains in the guild, the GoL channel will remain active and anyone is welcome to leave their alts/mains within the guild.

To swap your characters to CoR please contact Duriello or myself (Antherix/Trionan/Kamireyn/Sa'Jane/Yolie) for a guild invite :)

HM TFB 1st Boss Down!

Kemra, Oct 3, 12 10:02 AM.
1st boss downed in HM TFB with GoL'ers Duriello and Antherix (playing his Hard CoR character Trionan) with Visz Alliances Suicide Squad!


Kemra, Sep 27, 12 5:18 AM.
Guardian of Light organised a Visz/CoR/Dawn/GoL ops to check out the new content after the patch. We managed to down the first 2 bosses before calling it a night at about 4am :P

Server first boss kills credited to a multi guild effort! Love our community. :)

Nightmare Pilgrim Down!

Kemra, Sep 6, 12 9:38 AM.
First ever Nightmare Pilgrim kill on Gav Daragon :)

Multi guild effort including GoL'ers Duriello and Antherix as part of the Visz Alliance.

RP Event this Sunday

Kemra, Sep 3, 12 12:37 AM.
This coming Sunday at 4PM! The Scavenger Hunt! (Thanks to Keahi for the idea)

First prize will be 1 Million credits and a Hot-Rigged Speeder bike for the first individual or team to complete it or the one with most items at the end of the time limit (7PM).

Rules and how it will work:

You must be in character for this event. Chat channels will be created in-game.

Any level is welcome though some items may be hard to get below 30.

Interest in this event must be registered by mailing Sa'jane in-game, my RP character, with your own variation of 'I heard you were seeking to hire some help in locating certain items.'

We will need at least 2 volunteers to play moderator/guides/law enforcement.

The list will be published here as soon as the event starts.

Winner(s) will be the team with the most items collected, as some will be hard to find, I ask that people play fair and not google their way to victory.

The list will be a mix of straight items and vague clues, its up to you if you want to help others or hinder them, work together or see if you can do it alone.

More details will be released the closer we get to Sunday :)
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